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Bespoke Interior Design Studio serving Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and North London

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Holistic Interiors is a unique interior design firm that specialises in creating functional and beautiful spaces that are tailored to each individual's personality, values and lifestyle.

Our core values are:

Sustainability: a commitment to using eco-friendly materials and practices,

Wellness and health: incorporating natural light, indoor plants and ergonomic design,  

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail: A dedication to selecting high-quality materials, furniture and finishes.

Timelessness and longevity: Designing spaces that stand the test of time, avoiding trends and focusing on timeless aesthetics and functionality. 

Client satisfication: A commitment to delivering exceptional customer service with clients based on trust, communication and mutual respect.

Our team are passionate about bringing your vision to life and making your home a place of warmth and comfort. 

'Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over' - Joseph Campbell


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